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Garage Door Safety Release

Broken garage door safety release in Bolton, Ontario? Make haste in contacting our company. This is a very important component of the garage door operating system; a cord that will help you in an event of an emergency. No wonder it’s often called a garage door emergency release cord. You pull it to open the garage door when there’s no power. Or when there’s any other failure that would require you to use the garage door manually. By pulling this cord, you actually disengage the garage door opener. So, you need to know how it works and also, be sure it is in good shape. If not, call Garage Door Repair Bolton.

Broken or damaged garage door safety release in Bolton? Call us now

Garage Door Safety Release BoltonYour Bolton garage door safety release cord is used to disengage and re-engage the electric opener. Hence, it allows you to turn the garage door manual – if this is rendered necessary. But what if the cord is broken? If this happen, it is an emergency. After all, if you find yourself in an urgent situation, you won’t be able to release the electric operator and thus, use the door manually.

So, if the garage door emergency release cord is broken or damaged in any way, contact our company. We send opener experts quickly. It’s important that such cords are attached with accuracy. If not, they won’t be able to disengage the opener should the necessity arise. And then if there are kids and pets in the house, you don’t want the cord too long. If the adults in the family are not very tall, the cord shouldn’t be set too high or it won’t be reached in the event of an emergency. With a pro Bolton garage door repair tech, such jobs are done with precision. They are done with speed too.

If you have emergency garage door safety release cord troubles, hurry to call

Do you know how to operate your garage door safety release cord? If not, call us. You see, such components are extremely useful in events, like entrapments. Say there’s a problem with the safety features of the electric garage door opener. In such a case, the garage door may close on the car, another object, a pet or a person. For immediate release, one can pull the cord to disconnect the malfunctioning opener and thus, open the door manually.

So, tell us. Did you just notice that the emergency garage door safety release cord is rather worn? Don’t wait. Whether the cord is already broken or simply worn, contact us for service. Due to the importance of such a safety feature, we dispatch techs very quickly. Tell us where and a pro will shortly come to fix or replace your Bolton garage door safety release cord.

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