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Garage Door Repair Bolton

garage door repair bolton

Garage Door Maintenance

We take care of you by offering outstanding residential garage door maintenance in Bolton. Our preventive service acts as a shield against problems since we fix today to spare you the hassle of issues tomorrow. The service is scheduled when it works best for you and is wise to trust us year after year to routinely inspect and maintain your door. The professionalism of everyone at Garage Door Repair Bolton, ON, is guaranteed and so are our skills to take care of every single component. We maintain the opener and check the clicker, and rest assured that our experts are updated with the most advanced operators in Ontario. Your garage door is checked inch by inch and tuned up to last for longer.

Our maintenance service step by stepGarage Door Maintenance Bolton

*Garage door inspection is the first necessary step so that we can check every single component of your door in order to see if we must focus on any particular problem

* In this case and if there is a problem with the way the door functions, we do carry out garage door troubleshooting with the sole intention to identify the reasons for the door not working well

* If needed, we align tracks and sensors, change wires, and take care of such minor issues

* We tighten fasteners and lubricate all moving components made of steel

* We test: the balance and force of the door, the reverse mechanism and how far up and down the door travels, and make the required adjustments

* The opener unit is checked to ensure that the gear system, chain and sprockets are all in good condition

* As an overall we fix garage door minor issues and all parts so that the door will perform without making noise and with safety

Let’s schedule maintenance today

Our Bolton garage door maintenance technicians do a thorough job, let you know of possible weaknesses, give you an estimate if some parts must be replaced, and do not leave before the whole system is properly serviced. If you feel it’s time for maintenance, opener service or garage door adjustment, do call and talk to our staff in Bolton, ON.

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